Themeparks - Multiple themeparks wait time

A web interface for open source PHP library php-themeparks inspired by cubehouse’s themeparks.

Technologies : Symfony 4, Heroku, SQLite, Couchbase Sync

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Yopa - Analytic solution

An open source analytic solution built with NodeJS and a dashboard built with Symfony 4. Takes adavantage of ExpressJS middleware. Simply deployable with Heroku.

Technologies : Typescript, ExpressJS, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, Symfony 4

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Discard - Discord bot linked with Blizzard’s API

A single binary that runs a bot on a discord guild, with command registerer and rich embed

Technologies : Typescript, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Test driven development

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Ubuntu server - DevOps

Private server for personal hosting & testing. Installation of GitLab, nginx, PHP

Technologies : Ubuntu 16.04, nginx, ufw

Cofee - RSS/Atom aggregator

Mobile application that allows users to register to feed, add one to registry and suggest other content base on current post, registered feeds and global upvotes and downvotes. Sync is made thanks to Google’s PubSubHubbub ; Suggestion is made with dediccated Elasticsearch.

Technologies : Ionic2, Angular2, Symfony3, PubSubHubBub, Elasticsearch